Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thangles Block Contest

We have a club called Groovy Girls which meets once a month, on the third Wednesday at 6:30 pm, then the next morning, Thursday, at 10 am.  Earlier this year, most of the members took the challenge to get two Thangles blocks a month for 6 months, then turn them into a quilt.  One name was drawn from the completed quilt tops at each meething, then the winner from each meeting gets their quilt quilted after the first of the year.

The results were stunning!  Some of our creative members made huge quilts, and some half sized the blocks for tiny quilts.  One even mixed the sizes.

We didn't get pictures of all the quilts that were shown, but here are a few of the completed tops.  Jeanette Harmel put multiple rolling borders around her blocks to make a really large quilt--purple is a favorite color of hers!

Kathy Eaton also likes purple, and mixed flashy prints with bright solids, then set her quilt on black for a dramatic look.

Linda Whittaker's quilt takes on a definite oriental look with gold trimmed butterflies and an elegant palette.

Mary Settles started this patriotic quilt as a lap quilt, then it grew and grew!  She improvised as she added sashings, borders, stars, and more borders--it's just huge!

Sharon Bruce has another patriotic quilt, which is elegant in its simplicity.

Liz Timmons made this quilt in tans and greens for a special boy who will enjoy using it on cold winter days.

More about Thangles tomorrow!

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