Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Right Tools for Even the Smallest Hexies!

5 year old Joshua holds a flower made from 1/4" hexies

Even the smallest hexagons are easy to stitch with the right tools.  We like the Superior Bottom Line thread.  It's 60 weight, 2 ply polyester, and is extremely strong.  That's important when you're rubbing the thread across the papers as you sew the,  We also like size 11 milliner's needles.  The Sue Daley brand are strong and easy to thread.  They have an extra coating that make them glide through the fabric.

Sue Daley also has a handy turntable that makes the rotary cutting easy. 
The Sewline glue pen holds the basting in place, yet removes easily when you're ready to pop the papers out
and reuse them.  The pen comes with a refill, and you can purchase more as needed.

One of our customers suggested that we use Wonder Clips for holding our pieces, and we love it!  You can just clip two pieces as you whipstitch them together, and it really saves your hands as you sew!

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