Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bed Turning, part one

Have you ever been to a bed turning?  Edyta Sitar did a bed turning at our anniversary celebration last May (see other blog posts), and we've seen them at several guild shows--they're always a highlight for us.  At A Patchwork of America quilt show, there were TWO bed turnings, one with vintage quilts, and the other with current quilts.  The stories that go with the quilts are the best part of the bed turnings, and we don't have those stories for you here, but we do have pictures of some of the quilts.

During a bed turning, a group of quilts is stacked on a bed, and they're peeled away, one at a time, until the bed is bare.  Here are some of the quilts from the antique and traditional bed.

The quilt above has a piece of red fabric in it that was from the Civil War era.

Hexagons are always a popular choice for traditional quilts, above and below.

Simple graphic shapes are always effective in a quilt.

This fan is a popular 1930's design.

It's a little hard to tell, but this is a yo-yo quilt.  The backdrop on stage was black, but the quilt was meant to be placed atop a white bedspread or coverlet.

This beautiful quilt was one of a pair that the owner acquired at different times.

This might have been English paper pieced.  We carry jewel shapes that would work.

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