Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Rearrangers

This week, we got bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug!  It always makes everything look new when you move things around, so that's what we did.

It all started when Kathy Schmitz sent us all 12 of her Fabric Accent stitcheries.  There's one for each month, and each pattern includes a fabric accent that can be fused in place once the stitchery is completed.  Add a pieced border (each one is different), and final tiny border (topstitching at the end makes it look like binding), and you have a charming project that looks a lot more complicated than it really is.

We pinned the stitcheries to the carpet covered wall in the shop, then added various wool projects from Nutmeg Hare, Buttermilk Basin, Bits n Pieces by Joan, Penny Lane Primitives, and French Inspirations, the book by Kathy Schmitz and her sister Bonnie Sullivan, and we have a fantastic display!  We added an old ironing board with a quilt from Indiana designer Carol Hopkins to complete the look.

We moved things around a little in the flannel/wool/wool felt area and hung a beautiful cotton and wool quilt from Australian Designers, the Quilted Crow Girls.  Small quilts from Carol Hopkins, Lori Smith, and Bonnie Sullivan are tucked in here and there.

Our oak Hoosier cabinet got a revamp, as well, with a mix of reproduction quilts and wool projects.  I see some more Carol Hopkins and some Clothesline Quilts here!

So it was time to put the Little Bits quilts from our good friend Cindy Edgerton up.  They got a prime location all around the notions department.

We put all the patterns and kits in one area

and continued the quilts around the corner...

and across the top to the end.


  1. I like the kits with the notions. Make sense.
    So much to do in the Little Bits area; so little time.