Monday, April 21, 2014

EPP Addiction, Part 2, April 2014

We love seeing all kinds of quilts, not just EPP ones, so we were excited when Dorinda started pulling big quilts out of her bag!  The one above is machine embroidered Hummel figures, set together.  The simple setting keeps the focus on the embroideries.

Winner's Circle, above, is from Glad Creations.  We loved it so much that we ordered patterns and plan to make our own sample.  We had one in blue and olive several years ago, and think batiks in rich color,s like Dorinda's, will be just perfect.

Cream blocks and blue blocks were made, then cut diagonally with a curved cut.  When the blocks are sewn back together, the result is a wavy log cabin.

Connie had several kits for our needle case, and decided to sew them together in a small quilt.  If she uens out of fabric, she might be able to find a little something at home!

Marlene is getting a little closer to finishing her It Takes Two quilt from Sue Daley.  Michelle took the classes here with Sue Daley, and is showing off her Six Pointed Star.  She appliqued the edges to the borders, and didn't lose any points in the process.

Barb drafted this lovely quilt from a picture, doing all the math to make the sizes of each border fit together.  We asked her if she wanted to become a patten designer, and she declined, but I think she's missing her calling.

Her quilt is as beautiful on the back, making is a truly reversible quilt.

Mary Ann is almost ready for Easter with this beautiful basket she wove herself.  She plans to make a removable liner that can be washed.

If you would like to join our EPP club, come to the next meeting Monday, May 12 at 10 am.  If you enjoy the meeting, you can join.  The fee is $24 for the year.


  1. I wish I could fly from Texas to the meetings I have the Epp addiction..

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