Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bloomington Set-Up

We headed to Bloomington early this morning to set up our booth for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. We got set up in record time, and the booth looks great, if we say so ourselves!

First we get the quilts up around the booth, brights on the left, reproductions on the right.

We have a mix of Sue Daley quilts and other beauties on the reproduction side.

Hey!  There's a Sue a Daley quilt on the bright side!

After the quilts are up on the wall, more quilts go on the tables, then we put the fixtures and fill them with fabric.  Books and patterns go out, and the grid walls are filled with small projects, patterns, books, and papers for English Paper Piecing.

Register and demo areas are on the front table, and Linda is all ready to show you how to do English paper piecing!


  1. Whose pattern is the star quilt on the table? It is gorgeous!

  2. Glory Bound from Red Crinoline Quilts

  3. Too bad I can't "like" your comment, Michele, like on Facebook!